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Primrose Hill: a Studio Setting

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Learning at Primrose Hill is a fun and relaxed. We provide colourful, engaging studios to facilitate the overall development of children learning with us. 

Our clever use of space ensures that that children are able to explore freely and let their imaginations run wild!

Our studios are constantly evolving bringing excitement and wonder to the children who will always be wondering what environment will they be learning in today?

Our Nursery studios in Avenue K have been designed with our young toddlers and infants in minds. 

At Primrose Hill Avenue K we do not just use the indoor studios but we will also be using our outdoor facilities such as Kelab Aman for our Football/ P.E sessions and our designated Forest Reserves such as Commonwealth Forest, Templar Park and FRIM Malaysia Forest Reserve for our Forest Studies. 

Colourful, textured and safe, it is a wonderful environment for our young learners to explore and develop their senses!

Our Studios include the Messy Play area where children can be as messy as they want, exploring textures and process on the way. Our Sensory studio is perfect for our little ones to have storytelling or a little sing song, a calming studio suitable for all ages. Our Math studio has various contraptions and resources for the enjoyment of our young learners. 


The Knowledge of the World Studio is an excellent studio where our children have the most fun, participating in exciting experiments! Our Music Studio and our very own Role Play area are able to support our children's creativity and imagination. Here they can be whoever they want to be and the possibilities are endless!

We also provide cozy areas for our little ones to take a nap and special studios for our infants.

All our studios have been created in such a way that our children will be encouraged through child-led integrated sessions.

Our Primary studios in Intermark have been expertly designed to ensure that our children's learning meets the Curriculum's standard by using Integrated sessions. 

At Primrose Hill Intermark we do not just use the indoor studios but we will also be using our outdoor facilities such as Kelab Aman for our Football/ P.E sessions and finally our designated Forest Reserves such as FRIM and Templer Park for our Forest Studies. 

Our Studios include the Messy Play area, Knowledge of the World Studio, Sensory Studio, Maths Studio, Science Studio, Art Studio, Gym, DT studios, Construction studio and Problem Solving studios.

Our Reception groups have access to their own studios which encourage their development in accordance with the EYFS while preparing them when they proceed to KS1. Our Reception groups will have the fantastic opportunity to receive Integrated sessions in their studios to ensure that all their developmental needs are met. We are happy to provide fun and exciting environments for the Reception group to explore. 

Our Ks1 - KS2 groups will be following the Curriculum while still being educated using the Active Learning Method to ensure that they are well-rounded learners who are confident and excited to learn. We have provided these bright and colourful studios to ensure that they are always eager to come back to Primrose Hill and maintain focus during sessions. 

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