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Welcome Parents!

What Makes us Unique?

Just to clarify, we are definitely not like any other Educational Setting therefore we have decided to call ourselves Gymnasium@Primrose Hill International School. The story behind the name is that we would like Parents to understand that we are still prioritising the development of the children and that we are providing tailored services for our learners. It has always been important for us to ensure that every child's learning development is supported throughout their journey with us at Primrose Hill!

Our Secondary Education will still be incorporating the Active Learning Teaching method alongside our Integrated Cambridge Curriculum to keep inline with the uniqueness of Primrose Hill! 

We pride ourselves on being a community education setting where our small numbers ensure every child being supported through their education. Using Active Learning we are sure that your child will enjoy their journey with us at Primrose Hill!

Why should your child study at Primrose Hill?

We are proud to announce that Primrose Hill Active Learning will be the first Education Centre where our Secondary Programme will be running alongside our brand new Forest Study Curriculum which will allow our children to apply what they have learnt in a real Rainforest Environment!  


Primrose Hill has continuously looked to improve upon our methods throughout these past years. In light of recent events, it appears that the best course of action would be, to continue providing your children with educational materials and live lessons on our Online Platforms, to help ensure your child can have access to education anywhere in the world. Therefore, we will be using a blended learning approach as of Sept 2020 to ensure your child's learning will not be disrupted in the future. 

We are offering a completely unique experience where our children will continue to use Active Learning along with our Cambridge Curriculum as your child will be working to complete their Cambridge IGCSE's at the end of the year. 


We will be offering 5 Core Subjects along with 6 Additional Subjects. Your child can have access to the 5 Core Subjects plus 1 Additional Subject which are included in the Registration fee. Any extra Additional Subjects taken up will be at an extra cost. 


English Language & World Literature 

A fantastic opportunity for children to hone their English Language skills while exposing them to Literature around the World! 


                                      Maths                              Children will develop into learners who are confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged. Through our Programme, children will continue to develop a keen interest in this subject.

Global Perspectives

We have introduced Knowledge of the World at a Primary Level to ensure our children develop a great understanding of the world around them through disciplines such as Geography, History and Current Affairs. 

Global Perspectives will allow children to explore issues experienced around the world and gain an understanding of different cultures and beliefs.


We will be developing your child's existing knowledge in Science by introducing them to the 3 areas ( Biology, Chemistry and Physics). 

Forest & Development Studies

We will be incorporating Geography & Developmental Studies so that children can understand what is Climate Change and its effects.



ArtArt & Design gives learners a platform to express themselves, sparking imagination, creativity and developing transferable skills. Students explore and push boundaries to become reflective, critical and decisive thinkers. They learn how to articulate personal responses to their experiences.

Creative Pursuits

The course aims to develop students’ imagination and creativity, as well as their understanding and enjoyment of the arts. There is a focus on key skills in Art, Music and Design. Students are encouraged to follow a creative process, share their ideas and experiment with new techniques.

Speech & Drama 

Through practical and theoretical study, learners develop an understanding and enjoyment of drama, developing group and individual skills and studying ways to communicate ideas and feelings to an audience. They learn how to discover the performance possibilities of a text and other stimuli, and devise dramatic material of their own. Learners also develop their performance skills, the demonstration of which will form part of the final assessment.


Learners will look at some of the major international issues of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, as well as covering the history of particular regions in more depth. The emphasis is on both historical pieces of knowledge and on the skills required for historical research. 

Learners develop an understanding of the nature of cause and effect, continuity and change, similarity and difference and find out how to use and understand historical evidence as part of their studies.

Languages (Malay & Mandarin)

These courses will help learners learn about   Local Languages spoken in Malaysia. 

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