Welcome Parents!

You may have noticed that we are now offering our educational services up to KS3!    

We are pleased to inform Parents that we are now accepting applications for children joining our Gymnasium! 


Just to clarify, we are definitely not like any other Educational Setting therefore we have decided to call ourselves Gymnasium@Primrose Hill Active Learning. The story behind the name is that we would like Parents to understand that we are still prioritising the development of the children and that we are providing tailored services for our learners. It has always been important for us to ensure that every child's learning development is supported throughout their journey with us at Primrose Hill!

Our KS3 will still be incorporating the Active Learning Teaching method alongside our Integrated Cambridge Curriculum to keep inline with the uniqueness of Primrose Hill! 

We pride ourselves on being a community education setting where our small numbers ensure every child being supported through their education. Using Active Learning we are sure that your child will enjoy their journey with us at Primrose Hill!