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Welcome to EYFS @Primrose Hill!

We hope that your child’s first year in our setting will be an enjoyable and exciting time. In the Nursery the children will be developing their skills in the three prime areas of learning – Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development and Communication and Language through our integrated Maths, Science, Expressive Arts and Understanding of the World activities. 

In the Nursery, the children will engage in child-initiated and adult-directed learning based around the topic.  We start the day with a short carpet session after which the children free flow through the indoor studios and outdoor play space. They are encouraged to select and use the resources independently, challenge themselves and develop their critical and creative thinking skills.

Our philosophy of learning is holistic, encouraging children to develop their skills through a creative curriculum in which the Characteristics of Effective Learning are deeply embedded - Playing and Exploration, Active Learning and Creative and Critical Thinking.

Please feel free to spend some time in the Nursery with your child during our fun and exciting events! 

Primrose Hill's Nursery Team

EYFS Parent's Guide 

Characteristics of Effective Learning 

Preparing your child for Primrose Hill Active Learning

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