Extra Curricular at Primrose Hill 

Extra Curricular activities are very important for children's development. They help develop hobbies which can help keep children's minds and bodies healthy. 

Tae Kwon Do 

We have our very own Tae Kwon Do Instructor Mr. Mark who joins us 2 times a week to introduce our children to the Korean Martial Art. 


Music Minds ​

Fabulous Ms. Moon conducts 2 Music Minds Sessions a week, encouraging out children to develop an interest in Music.


Our lovely learners enjoy learning the basics of this traditional French Dance. 


For all the Football Fanatics, we have a huge field at Kelab Aman where our children can ​have fun and develop Teamwork skills. 


We offer special Construction sessions where children can let their imagination run wild, creating their own projects!

Performing Arts

We encourage our children to take part in Performing Arts to help boost their confidence levels! A fun and active way to keep fit and healthy!