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Parents Involvement

Get involved

At the Primrose Hill, we recognise that as parents you are your child’s first and most enduring educators and that when parents and preschool practitioners work together, the results have a positive impact on your child’s development and learning. We therefore seek to develop an effective partnership with you.


To ensure this successful partnership, we enjoy working with you, sharing information, knowledge and celebrating your child’s achievements as they progress.


Developmental records are maintained throughout your child’s time at the preschool. You are welcome to discuss and contribute to these records as they not only show your child’s progress but may highlight areas that need further support. We can then use the results of the records to plan future activities steering them to meet the needs of your child, encouraging him/her to meet with new challenges and develop new skills.


You are always welcome to speak to our manager or teachers at any time. On some occasions the teachers may be occupied but will be able to arrange a time of mutual benefit for you to speak to the teachers about the daily issues you have regarding your child’s care. The manager or deputy are always available to discuss matters relating to your child, on both formal and informal basis.

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