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The Foodimal Character Story by Keshal

A Creative Writing Entry.

Chapter 1 : The Breakfast Bog

Once upon a time there lived a MosquiToast in the breakfast bog.

As the MosquiToast woke up in the morning, he could hear the gurgling sound coming from the pool of sticky maple syrup and the aroma made him so hungry, that he felt like eating his own house.

As he walked around this cold & misty place, and he wanted to eat something warm and sweet.

There were pancakes lying around everywhere and when he touched them, they were velvety smooth. So he ate them with the sticky maple syrup.

After MosquiToast had his breakfast, he set off to visit his friend at the big candy rock mountain...

Chapter 2 : The Candy Mountains

After a long flight, MosquiToast finally met his good old friend the “MagCream”.

The sweet smell of candy wafted out from the candy rock mountain and he could also see the jagged crystals popping out from everywhere.

As they walked around they fell into a pool of sticky candy, and they collected all of it and went back to the big candy rock mountain.

Then, the MagCream asked MosquiToast “Aren’t you going to eat?” And the MosquiToast replied “No are you crazy?” But the MagCream said “We collected all this candy together, so you have to eat”, which started a big fight.

The MosquiToast pushed the MagCream so hard that it rolled away to the Foodimal Jungle.

Chapter 3: The Foodimal Jungle

As the MagCream and MosquiToast were fighting through the craggy surface of the jungle they saw a moving shadow and as it got closer, they heard a hissing noise.

They saw a SnaNion slithering out from a bush. Then the SnaNion asked “why are you both fighting?” and the MagCream replied “It’s because the MosquiToast doesn’t want to eat the sticky candy we collected.”

SnaNion said “Nevermind, stop fighting and I will take you both to see my best friend, the TacoDile. He lives in the river nearby.

So all of them took a stroll to the river and the way they heard a loud roar. Then they went towards the direction the roar came from and they saw the TacoDile resting in a stenchy pit of mud.

They all greeted him “Hello TacoDile” and he woke up from his nap. He said “Hello SnaNion, who are these guys?” and SnaNion replied, “these are my new friends”.

Let me serve you some dinner, said TacoDile as they caught a wiff of the broth that was simmering on the stove. After that they all had a hearty meal and went off to bed.

The End.

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