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Parents, Educators and Online Learning

Okay, so you are social distancing, you are working from home ..... you are stuck at home with your kids!!!!!

Yes, we know, it sucks that schools have closed world wide. So what do we do now? How do your kids learn?


Alright, so your school offers online sessions. But OH MY GOD!!! From the worksheets, to making sure my child is on time for classes, to the endless notifications from my child's friends. You are at your wit's end, making sure your child completes their worksheet with the 4 hour sleep you MANAGED to steal.

Well, the schools are actually on YOUR side, you just need to BREATHE, CALM DOWN, TAKE A STEP BACK and work with Educators to work out a way for this Online thing to work out for you, your child and us. Please remember we are always here for you! Keep in mind that Educators are not vampires that live their whole lives in schools. They are also human beings who live very ordinary or extra ordinary lives, so please be responsible when deciding to make that phone call.

Even though our materials and lessons are online, it doesn't mean that our Educators have gone on holiday and have left you the horrendous task of *gasp* Home Schooling your child. While 2020 is beginning to look like a sinking ship, Educators around the world have pulled themselves together to create wonderful lessons online.

Great! I hope you've calmed down. Everyone is in the same boat, from the CEO'S down to the Homeless. While everyone is suffering, we all need to do what we can to help each other. Educators are helping you do the education bit, so no matter how hard it gets, please help them keep their essential role in society.

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