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Online Learning Online Safety

Great! Your children are learning online! You're happy that they're using the computer and developing their I.T Skills, you're happy that they're keeping in touch with their friends. It's all good in hood.

We all know the dangers of the internet, the depth of the Dark Web and suspicious chapters online, so how do we keep our children safe while they study online or communicate with their friends?

Our Learners had a session on Internet Safety and have learned 3 simple rules

Rule No.1 Zip it!

Make sure your child understands that they should keep their personal information to themselves. Just like they don't share this information with strangers. They should not share it with anyone online.

Rule No.2 Block it!

Your child should block anyone online who makes them feel uncomfortable. They should also let you know about it.

Rule No.3 Flag it!

So this rule is about communication, children should speak up and let their trusted adults know what is happening on the internet.

The Internet is a really good way for children to communicate with each other during this Lockdown Period, it is also a good way to learn new information. But just like our house and learning settings which are safe places, there should be rules put in place to ensure our own safety.

Parents please make sure to monitor the online activities of your children and ensure that you are doing your own part in creating a safe environment online. Things you could do are to set up Parental Controls on your browser, ensure that there is a Filter set up on Google which will filter out inappropriate websites or images.

Have fun using the Internet but remember to stay safe!

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