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Why Active Learning?

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

At Primrose Hill Active Learning we strongly believe in this Scandinavian teaching method where children are given freedom to be in charge of their own learning development. Active Learning allows children to explore their own creativity and imagination which in turn will be able to keep their desire to learn all through their life!

Benefits of Active Learning

Children benefit greatly from Active Learning. Educators are encouraged to take a step back and allow children to complete decisions, tasks and disagreements on their own. Helping to create confident independent children. Active Learning not only benefits Pre-schoolers but Primary, Secondary and even University students!

Educators at Primrose Hill Active Learning integrate Core Subjects with Art, Music, Drama to ensure Learners are always engaged.

A Busy Child

Active Learning allows your child to explore their interests freely, making it easier for children to develop lifelong hobbies such as Photography, Ballet or even Illustrating. When a child decides on a hobby independently it helps boost confidence levels and success rates.

Primrose Hill Active Learning provides support for children to explore their interests freely and with Adult Intervention.

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